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Google Adwords “In-Market Buyers” Targeting

Google has rolled out In-Market Buyers targeting feature for the Google Display Network. In-Market Buyers is a Category extension in the AdWords Display Network Interests & remarketing Categories and has been designed to target visitors, whose browsing habits suggest that they are in “active-consideration mode” and are likely to make purchase   This enables advertisers [...]

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Bing Ads Params and Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  As all search experts will know, Bing Ads offers the same Ad customisation as Google AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) and Param1; the equivalent to the keyword level destination URL in AdWords. However, Bing Ads have an advantage over Google: their Params 2 and 3.   The Bing Ads DKI is very similar to [...]

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Image Extension

AdWords Image Extensions – a new way to advertise?

  June 2013 saw Google announce that AdWords Image Extensions would be available in Beta.  Advertisers who were previously limited to text only adverts will soon have the opportunity to include images in their PPC ads.   Using images in search results is not exactly new; e-commerce sites have been previously making use of product [...]

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Google Tag Manager and the new Auto Event Tracking Feature

  Google Tag Manager   Tags are snippets of JavaScript that send information to, for example Google AdWords or Google Analytics, which are added to the source code of a site.   Google Tag Manager enables anyone to quickly and easily add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight as well as non-Google tags on their [...]

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Why is having good, relevant and interesting SEO content important?

  Imagine a unicorn shopping for hats in a library. Just as this fabled creature would look completely out of place in such a setting, so would inappropriate and poorly written content on a web page.   It doesn’t take a genius to work out why good content is important. Not only is badly written, [...]

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