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Google Adwords “In-Market Buyers” Targeting

Google has rolled out In-Market Buyers targeting feature for the Google Display Network.

In-Market Buyers is a Category extension in the AdWords Display Network Interests & remarketing Categories and has been designed to target visitors, whose browsing habits suggest that they are in “active-consideration mode” and are likely to make purchase


This enables advertisers to utilize Google’s consumer pattern recognition and target customers, while they are actively browsing products and services, which are related, or similar to their own.

Google claims to have developed a reliable way how to identify people that intend to make a purchase. With In-Market Buyers it is targeting people based on their browsing and on-site behavior patterns. This is Google’s first serious attempt to make ROI a central focus of Google Display Network advertising




Google discovered that people visiting, for example a car site frequently, are probably already owners and are unlikely to purchase a new vehicle. The In-Market Buyer segments target visitors who visit particular sites less frequently, based on the patterns Google has identified

Google’s support page includes the following information about In-Market Buyers targeting:


  • In-market buyers (available only to campaigns targeting English): Select from these categories to find customers who are researching products and actively considering buying a service or product like those you offer. These categories are designed for advertisers focused on getting conversions from highly qualified customers. “In-market buyers” categories can help drive remarketing performance and reach consumers close to completing a purchase.


Google recommends not to add any other additional targeting methods when utilizing In-Market Buyers, since it will limit access to these audiences.

Google also recommends CPA bidding in order to tie this bidding strategy closely to actual sales, enabling effective monitoring and ROI control. CPC bidding is available but not recommended.



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