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28-02-2013 09-46-19

Introducing Google Adwords Business Credit Cards

For those who are wondering how to drive more traffic to their site without the worry of paying upfront….no need to look any further …


On the 7th October 2012 Google announced a simple way to do this, their very own Google Adwords business credit card. (powered by Barcleycard) http://www.google.co.uk/adwords/businesscredit/


It’s not a card for general use – ie: buying the latest game of FiFA or those La Boutin shoes you’ve always wanted,  It can only be used to pay for ads through Google.


And with Adwords being Google’s biggest source of revenue bringing in more than $36 billion (£23 billion) in 2011, it explains why they are enticing customers with this new venture.


This is a great way for all small businesses wanting to access higher credit amounts to fund their AdWords campaigns and be at the fore front of marketing .


And with businesses competing  for the same spots with the same keywords and the credit limit being described as ‘ample’ and ‘generous’ by Google , this couldn’t of been a better time for the internet search engine to introduce the Adwords credit card.


But before you get too excited this card will have the same credit limits and rates as most on the market so will be fluctuate depending on creditworthiness.

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