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Business Start Up

Starting an Online Business

So you’re a new business start up, you have your products and services ready to go all you need now are sales. The prospect of growing your business online can seem extremely daunting but there are many tools out there to assist you into the digital world.

If you’re a new business start up and looking at ways to grow your business online, first things first, you’ll need an online presence so you’ll need a website. Unfortunately we don’t all have thousands of pounds spare to splash out on a flashy websites. But nowadays you can get a simple site and get on the website ladder for free!! There a few options in the marketplace to get started, Google has teamed up with Yola with the concept of ‘Getting British Business Online’ http://www.gbbo.co.uk/ and 1&1 have improved their DIY website builder http://www.1and1.co.uk. Both offerings are easy and straightforward and will assist in creating a company website.

Once you have your company website you’ll need to grow its presence, all of the options can seem quite baffling but Google have recently launched Google Learn http://www.google.com/ads/learn/

It’s a new educational site which Google have designed to give businesses the ability to learn about Google’s products and services all in one place. These include AdWords, Google apps, Places, Analytics and much more.

Google Learn is split into three useful sections:-

Starting a Business Online – gives useful tips and facts about planning and reaching your clients online

Marketing a Business Online – videos and downloads on how to market your business online

Running a Business Online – videos and downloads on how to use online tools to help you run your business online.

Along with the free websites available Google Learn is a great option for those new start up’s to get an online presence quickly.

Google learn is a great resource for new start up’s. If your business is growing and you are considering employing an online marketing manager, contact Latitude express as outsourcing may yield greater returns with less risk.


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