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Modified Broad Match: Expand your reach and gain relevant impressions

Building highly relevant and, with that, efficient campaigns can be quite tricky sometimes. In the past if we wanted to build a campaign using only highly relevant terms we would limit keywords to phrase and exact match and only consider broad match when additional reach is needed. However there is a forth option now:


Modified Broad match


Modified Broad Match gives you more flexibility and a wider reach than Phrase Match whilst providing more control on quality than standard broad match. It allows additional words to be contained in the search term and doesn’t restrict the sequence of the words. At the same time it gives you more control over the search terms that trigger your ads and potentially drives more relevant traffic to your website.


Practical use and Examples


In order to use the modifier you need to put a plus sign in front of the word/s that you want to be contained in the search query and set as broad match.

Eg.: For the phrase “book hotel london” you can use modified broad match:


+book +hotel +london

book +hotel +London


book hotel +london

depending how closely related matches you wish.

The plus sign also includes misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “book” and “booking”).

So if you have previously used:

“hotel london book”

“book hotel London”

“book a hotel in london”

“booking hotel in london”

“hotel london booking”


You can get additional relevant clicks using the modifier now:

+book +hotel +london.

Insight tricks

The downside of using this match type is that it is more time consuming as there isn’t a drop down option in editor. However there is a useful tool which will do it for you:



Overall, using the “modified broad match” keyword option has the potential to increase impressions without having to sacrifice relevancy to the campaign or the searcher. It might be a bit more “fiddly” to set up in the beginning but it will certainly be worth your time and effort!


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