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Images, Videos & Three-Fold PR: Simple Strategies for Better Content in 2012!

Earlier this year, it was highlighted that bloggers and journalists were appealing for more colourful and image-led content. It proved much more engaging and caught their attention, amongst the hundreds of basic ones which flood their inbox each day.


It’s simple really: Images break up the content and make it more enjoyable to read, therefore holding the reader’s attention for longer and keeping them on the website for longer.


For example, here’s a pic of Barry Manilow with his head photo-shopped into a loaf to grab your interest:

Image c/o breadpeople.tumblr.com


High quality, unique content also proved to also be a factor in the Google Panda update as the use of images proved to encourage engagement, stimulate imagination and placement increased readability meaning the reader spent longer on the website.


Images help content which is associated with brands to be more fun, relevant, memorable and interesting:

Image c/o funamillion.com


So going forwards this is something we will be actively encouraging our clients to help us achieve. Companies are being forced to compete in Online PR, making themselves stand out more to journalists and bloggers for an increased chance of resyndication, which they can start to do simply by adding a bit of colour and spice to their articles, blogs, hosted content and advertorials.


Images or even links to their YouTube videos should also help increase interest in them and set their PRs apart from the bog standard. It will also help them to be recognised for supplying quality content, not just driving links to their websites, which is one of the main factors Google Panda raised.


Another tactic, for PR strategies is to provide journalists with exclusive and updated information on brands as part of a three-fold PR strategy:


- Providing ‘taster’ pieces of PR to create a buzz before making an announcement

- Then the official announcement on the day of the news/ launch/ comment on industry news

- Finally, a subsequent update on the success of the event afterwards


Three different pieces of PR would be released to enhance exposure for the brand, keeping them in the news and boosting rankings.


Online PR is set to evolve even more in 2012, focusing more on social media engagement and interaction. So if brands incorporate these small steps into content strategies now, they are more likely to see an improvement in their online presence sooner.


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