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SEO in for the long haul

SEO – In it for the long haul

There are too many companies out there in the world of Digital Marketing who will offer SEO as an instant solution to your online marketing problems without fully understanding the true nature of it. SEO can occasionally provide almost instant results however this is usually for long tail keywords and localised terms. You’re much more likely to see results for “coffee cup retailer Warrington” than for “coffee cups”. Thats one of the dangers of SEO, the ideal that you’re going to get a massive amount of traffic or sales instantly.


The real SEO strategy is a 12 month plan – something that you’re going to ignore statistics on for a good 2 – 3 months to allow all the work that is being done to start showing some sort of impact in your traffic/sales. Once you get to that magic 3rd month area you should start seeing an improvement. Realistically you have to have your company reporting for you and working with you, showing you how things are going to pan out.


Here at Latitude we don’t profess to know every business sector inside and out – granted we have experience in most through good relationships with previous customers, however we do understand that you’re the expert on the business and we’re only here to drive traffic in the best ways we know.


If you have the option of doing Digital Marketing then its simple to put it in this format. Long term: SEO. Short term: PPC. You’ll get the best of Online Marketing through both. PPC as it provides instant results will pay for the SEO strategy, and then you will start noticing that listing organically is driving more traffic so PPC can then be used for special offers and promotions.


Google do however have Caffeine, which is essentially a way of them being able to crawl the web faster and scan for new content. If you’re an online retailer, this works well for you – as your product being listed, written about and indexed means that you have a good chance of getting a favourable position – especially with SEO to back it up. It’s the window of opportunity to place well for products before the bigger retailers start getting the traffic towards their products. This however does require sustainable link building, if Google sees that you’re actively trying to manipulate its algorithm, it’s now far more intelligent than to see duplicate content, “spammy” writing and reciprocal links as anything other than bad content.


Its all about sitting down and thinking about what timescales you have. Now – around November/December is the B2C retailers’ biggest period. If you haven’t been using SEO, then the time is ripe for PPC, however over the past 12 months if you have been doing SEO it will pay off now if you’ve managed to get on the first page, in a much bigger fashion than PPC ever did.


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